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dog“Having completed Puppy 1, 2, and 3 with Nancy, I highly recommend her as a trainer. We loved going to her classes. Nancy made learning a joy for us at both ends of the leash. In a positive and fun environment, I learned nifty and humane practical strategies to help train my high-energy pup. With Nancy’s coaching, my pup is confident and well mannered. Two paws up for Nancy!”
Jennifer Sequeira, Saratoga


“Nancy Weller’s classes are fun and informative with results for both owner and dog! Nancy sets clear and offers many innovative training tips based on the personalities of your dogs. I took our very active Miniature Schnauzer puppy to her class and had great results every week. The emergency recall command Nancy teaches alone can be a lifesaver.”
Rena Gooding, San Jose

Lab puppy“We all enjoyed our dog training sessions with Nancy—and Lucca, our Labrador, has learned a lot. Nancy is very good at “reading” dogs and developing effective ways to solve training challenges. She cares about dogs and their owners and it shows!”
Calvin & Jennifer Carr, Palo Alto


“I enjoyed Nancy’s upbeat and always positive puppy classes four years ago. I found her again for my new puppy. After we graduated from the puppy class, I asked what other classes Nancy teaches. I signed up for the conformation clicker classes and, although not a clicker fan, I could see my dog improve weekly. Nancy takes the time with each student and has a world of experience.”
Mary Ann Graziano, Saratoga

award winner“Basenjis have a reputation for being difficult to train in great part because owners don’t take the time to build a positive shared language. Nancy Weller showed me how to communicate with my Basenji using clicker training. In the conformation class, we used the same clicker-training techniques we learned in Nancy’s puppy classes to shape behaviors for the show ring. My young girl now has three majors and is just three points shy of her championship. She is an ambassador for the breed.”
Eunice Ockerman, Sunnyvale


“We so appreciated Nancy’s Puppy Class. She immediately made us feel more confident about being puppy parents and as the class progressed that initial confidence was compounded many times over. We are so grateful to Nancy for helping us transform our little chew monster into a well-behaved pup. Between the classes and the puppy socials, Pawsitively Fabulous has everything puppy parents need, and Nancy’s love, care, and dedication make our communities and families a better place for everyone who loves animals!”
Mary Cunneen Lion, Los Altos


family with pup“We loved our wonderful Puppy 1 class and can’t wait for Puppy 2. Rocco, our puppy, is so much calmer now and we are much more at ease with having a new puppy. I forgot how much energy they have and the time they take. Nancy provided excellent training techniques and tips, and she didn’t stop at that, she took our “puppy panic” calls and answered our emails!”
Michele Rodriquez, Los Altos


“My first experience with a dog trainer was incredible. Nancy put me in charge of an unruly puppy and turned training into a pleasure for dog and owner. I only feel sad that all of my previous dogs couldn’t have had Nancy in their lives. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone in need of a real dog training professional.”
Elly Knott, Monte Sereno

sleepy puppy“Nancy was excellent with kids, very patient and always there to help us. My 5- and 8-year-olds truly enjoyed the training and learned a lot. Plus, I’m an anxious parent and Nancy helped me relax.”
Ana Paulina Mino, Sunnyvale




“Take a lab puppy, a novice owner, and what do you have? Disaster. Nancy’s help is priceless. She taught me how to bring out the best in my dog through positive reinforcement, enthusiasm, understanding, and consistency. Nancy made a stressful time fun and rewarding for both my dog and me. Without Nancy I would never have been able to establish such a high level of intimate communication with my best buddy.”
Jeanine Roza, San Carlos

Happy owners with puppy“When my wife and I looked for a new puppy on the Internet, we found so much confusing information. We consulted with Nancy, and wow, am I glad we did. She told us how to find reputable breeders, what questions to ask, red flags to look out for, and much more. Now we have the tools and confidence to find the perfect, healthy puppy for us—thanks to Nancy’s guidance.”
Mitchell Gooze, Sunnyvale


“We attended Nancy’s classes with our whole family, including both of our children. We all learned how to train our dog to be well behaved, and we had fun doing it! Nancy’s exercises and easy-to-follow direction resulted in an obedient, well-mannered puppy quickly and easily.”
Chris & Lynn Early, Sunnyvale


Schipperkes“My name is Patrick and I have a Schipperke named Trouble. We attended your puppy classes for three sessions at A Dog’s Life in Sunnyvale and we both learned many things and I passed much of it on to my other two Schipperkes.

Today was the biggest test yet of the training we received. This morning I found the dogs and myself in a situation when, out for our morning walk, there were about 15 young children going to school coming toward us. As the group came toward us, some walking, some on bikes, some on the sidewalk and some in the street with adults in the group pushing strollers or riding bikes, and all making noise, I had no means of escape, like crossing the street or going a different way. I stepped into the street a short distance from the curb, kept the leashes loose and gave the sit hand signal. All three dogs immediately sat and, because I do not do well with stay, I kept my arm and hand in the sit signal position, watched the dogs and prayed. Even though all these people passed within inches of these dogs, the dogs’ total concentration was on me and the sit signal. While the troop passed, I heard someone say “What good dogs.” Upon the groups passing, I released my dogs and gave them a treat.  I was very proud and relieved. Without your classes for training, this could have turned out a lot differently. I want to thank you for passing on your teachings and knowledge.

I am trying to keep up the training and the socialization of these dogs and just wanted to pass on the good stuff that has resulted for me for putting forth the effort of continued training. This is the biggest reward I could have hoped for.

Again, thanks for providing direction for both myself and my dogs.”

Patrick Williams


Riley was in one of your 2010 puppy classes and will be 7 years young in June of this year. He’s been the best doggie all these years. He’s still allowed to come to work and enjoys camping and long walks on the beach …ok, so he loves to run at the beach.

I attribute his great behavior to his most excellent puppy class & trainer. He’s gone from that cute 15 pound chocolate Labrador puppy to a 110 pound bundle of energy…still!

Thanks a bunch for his puppy school-it’s given him a great foundation in socialization and obedience. It is a big part of who he is today.

Ian Clements, Santa Clara, CA


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