Puppy Training

Give your puppy the best start in life.

Don’t let your dog grow up into an unruly, scatterbrained rascal. Puppyhood is when you shape your future dog—and we can help you get it right.

We Can Help With

House-training/potty training
Biting, mouthing, nipping
Handling and socialization
Crate and alone-training
Preventing behavior problems
Puppy parenting 101
Puppy proofing your home
Come when called
Polite greetings
Appropriate chewing
Impulse control exercises
Sit, stay, down, and more
Leash walking


Puppy Packages

75 minute session in your home. $135

We tailor the consultation to your needs, but here’s some of what we can cover:

Choosing the right puppy
How & where to find a puppy
Setting yourself up for house-training success
What to expect from your puppy
Your puppy shopping list and home set-up

Planning ahead will take the guess work out of what to do once you get your new puppy! Call or email to schedule an appointment before you bring that puppy home.


75 minute session in your home. $135

This popular service is perfect for new puppy parents wanting to start off on the right path or who are waiting for their puppy classes to begin. Some of what we cover:

Biting, nipping, mouthing
Crate training & alone-training
Handling & socialization


A program of training sessions in your home.

Need hands-on help with your puppy? We come to your home and help you train your puppy where it counts the most. We can help with:

  • House-training, biting/chewing
  • Handling & socialization
  • Biting, nipping, mouthing
  • Crate training & alone-training
  • Basic manners: Come when called, leave it, polite leash walking, sit, stay, etc.
  • Don’t see your puppy problem here?or call us. We are puppy experts!

Individual session, 1 hour: $95
4 sessions, paid for at or before first session: $360
6 sessions, paid for at or before first session: $510
Once you have completed 6 sessions, all future sessions are $80/hour
Prices include comprehensive handouts and homework customized for you and your dog.


Have your puppy boarded and trained by us while you are on vacation or anytime. Click here to learn more.


Nancy’s Training Tips:
Why Socialization Matters

Don’t be fooled by your happy-go-lucky puppy. All young puppies are universally friendly and most are so cute they are easy to forgive for jumping up, munching on your sleeves, and not paying attention. But around 4 months of age, your dog’s “socialization window” begins to close.

After that, if your puppy hasn’t been thoroughly socialized and trained, she may become wary of new things. New sounds, new places, and unfamiliar people, children, and dogs. So don’t wait! Get started right away.



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