Puppy Board and Train

Nancy has developed Silicon Valley’s first truly progressive board and train for puppies. Your puppy will live in the home of a professional, certified trainer for one to four weeks. Your puppy will be immersed in socialization, learning new skills and practicing good manners continuously. Methods are reinforcing and completely puppy-friendly. For puppies up to 16 weeks of age.

Why Puppy Board & Train?

The experiences your puppy has from birth until 16 weeks of age will influence his personality and behavior for the rest of his life. Our Puppy Board & Train ensures your pup receives optimal learning and socialization opportunities during this short window of opportunity.

It is specifically designed with the busy new puppy owner in mind, someone who needs a well-trained dog but who doesn’t have the time or expertise necessary to lay a quality foundation.

The learning process is highly accelerated in Puppy Board & Train. This allows you to have a much easier time maintaining the training once your puppy returns home to you.

What’s included?

  • Daily Socialization opportunities during this critical age
  • Housetraining to learn where the bathroom is
  • Crate training to learn to settle down, relax and be calm
  • Basic obedience like sit, stay, leave it, come when called, wait, etc.
  • Self-control to refrain from mouthing, biting, jumping up
  • Handling to learn to enjoy being touched all over

During our initial consultation, your puppy’s Board & Train experience will be customized to suit your needs. You’ll also receive a written report and instructions for maintaining the training to ensure a smooth transition to your home.


1 Week: $1100

2 Weeks: $2000

3 Weeks: $2800

4 Weeks: $3500 (best value; most effective, less work for you.)

An invaluable investment in your puppy’s future, Puppy Board & Train will set a solid foundation for the rest of your dog’s life. This is an exclusive offering with generally only one pup taken at a time. Initial consultation required ($150), which may be applied toward tuition fee if accepted. No teacup breeds.

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