Presentations and Workshops

Nancy is available to speak on a variety of topics for your staff, club, group or organization.


Presentations are held at your location. You may have any number of attendees, depending on your space. No dogs. Presentations generally run 1.5 to 2 hours.

Secrets of Trainers: This popular presentation will give owners and dog professionals alike a much deeper understanding of how dogs learn, dispels many common myths and gives you the knowledge to get dogs to pay attention to you the way they pay attention to the trainer!

Mischievous Puppies: Puppies are sweet and cuddly, right? The reality is they are more akin to a toddler without diapers running around your house! In this presentation, you’ll gain valuable insight into the way your puppy really views the world at large. Management, housetraining, chew-training and much more are covered in this informative presentation.

Socializing Your New Litter—Days 1 thru 60: Lessons learned when a trainer breeds a litter of puppies. When should you start socializing? Clicker training? How can you better enrich your litter’s environment? Where is your litter pen? How much stimulation is too much? Will socializing early really make a difference? Nancy shares her educated experience from a trainer’s point of view.


Workshops are held at your location. Depending on size of space, up to 10 dog/handler teams may participate. There is a limit of one dog per handler. Dogs must be on leash, dog and people friendly and not leash reactive.

Reliable recalls: How to get your dog to want to come to you when you call.

Walking on leash: This workshop explores why dogs pull on leash and gives you techniques to convince them to walk politely with you.

Leave It: Whether you’d like your dog to leave something dropped on the floor, leave the food on the table or leave the cat alone, this is the workshop for you and your dog. You’ll work on the steps you’ll need to take toward teaching your dog a reliable “leave it!”

Place/Stay: Teach your dog to go to their place….and STAY there! Very handy when you are busy, have company or you just need your dog to place and stay when you take her to the outdoor café.

Introduction to Clicker Training for Show Dogs: This workshop teaches you the basics for building a solid foundation for performance in the ring.

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