Motivation! The Key Ingredient to Training

You’ve brought home an adorable little pup who adores you too! For several weeks. Then, one day that pup turns into an adolescent and apparently forgets everything you ever taught him/her. What went wrong? Nothing, really. Your puppy is completely normal. Frequently owners mistakenly believe their pups are trained and “know” things because they responded […]

Training Your Dog: Misconceptions, Truths & Realities

Things aren’t always as they seem! We interpret our dog’s actions from a human point of view and they interpret our actions from a canine point of view. While they can only ever react to us from their doggy viewpoint, we are capable of understanding why they do what they do and treat them accordingly. […]


Hunting for food used to be a dog’s job. Then we came along and started giving him all his food for free! No wonder dogs get themselves into trouble—they are bored and must come up with other things to do to occupy themselves, such as chewing your furniture or shoes, going through your trash, digging […]

House Training

One of my most memorable consultations was for a dog that was lifting his leg to urinate in the house. I suggested to the owner that, before I came over, he shine a black light around the house to see where the urine had been deposited. Black lights can detect organic deposits that the naked […]

Teaching Your Pup To LOVE Being Handled

The majority of dogs are not born with a desire to be handled by humans. While a puppy might not mind you touching her feet, as an adult she is likely to develop an intolerance of it if she wasn’t taught as a pup that it’s not threatening. Handling a dog can become problematic if […]

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