Suggestions for Creating a Well-Mannered Dog

Nothing in Life for Free: This is also called a “closed economy.” Whenever your dog wants ANYTHING, she must say “please” by doing something to earn it. “Please” may  be sitting quietly for a few minutes, performing a request such as sit or down, etc. Dog should work for all food, attention, toys, freedom, etc. […]

Submissive Urination

What is it and why does this happen? Submissive urination is an appeasing social signal. Some dogs urinate involuntarily when they become excited or when they want to exhibit submission. It is as likely to occur with a dog who is housetrained as with one who is not. In other words, housetraining has nothing to […]

Socializing Your New Puppy to the World

Congratulations….you have a new puppy! And there is so much to do in so little time. Housetraining, chew training, leash training, polite greetings, socialization, coming when called… the list never ends. Not to mention all the good-intentioned “advice” from your family and friends! While everything seems pretty urgent, the single most important thing you must […]

Selecting a Great Puppy Class

You’ve got a new puppy. You want to do everything right so that you have a well-adjusted and well-behaved adult dog. Your puppy is extremely impressionable. In fact, your puppy is in that critical “socialization” period that will close by approximately 18 weeks of age, the maximum age for puppy classes. That’s only 4.5 months! […]

OUCH! My puppy keeps biting me and it HURTS!

Part 1 — WHY Your Puppy Is Biting You So you have an adorable new puppy, sweet, cuddly until….. “OUCH! HEY! My puppy just BIT me!!!!” You may be surprised to know that this is perfectly normal puppy behavior, driven by primitive instincts to get feedback on their mouths. They may jump at you, they […]

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